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Good morning Fam:

I’m so sorry to hit you with horrific news so early in the morning, and on a Saturday no less, but this is too egregious to ignore.

The police officer who raped EIGHT BLACK WOMEN is free on bond today.

The question that is burning a whole in my mind is: WHY WAS THERE BOND IN THE FIRST PLACE?

This man is a CLEAR menace to society. He is CLEARLY a danger to black women.

And yet—the judge REDUCED his bond from $5 million to $500,000 even though the prosecutor argued how much of a lit stick of dynamite this man is JUST so this shit puddle can go free.

This is irrefutable proof of how white supremacy operates when it has perceived that one of its own is evil and might be held accountable for that evil. All sense it thrown out of the window and innocence, which is to say Whiteness, circles in on itself.

This is proof how little the suffering of black women matters in this country.

If nothing else this year deserves a march, we need to march to have the judge on this case removed from the bench and have this rapist’s (and possible murderer) bond revoked.



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From Ferguson to Gaza, We Charge Genocide
A Message of Solidarity
Those standing up against police brutality and state repression in Ferguson, Missouri are leading one of the most important human right struggles of our time.

In the context of the history of Sundown Towns in that region, which…

R.I.P. Mike Brown & the fight for equality

Good Evening,

i figured i’d write my take on the killing of michael brown. i never knew him personally nor did i know the cop who murdered him. i have faced my share of discrimination but never to the point where cops pulled guns on me. i have played the race card a quite a few times in my life but i realize, i can’t blame a race of people for a few bad apples, though i cannot turn a blind eye to the injustices that minorities face everyday. i can never understand the mind state of a misguided police officer, though i can understand why my brothers n sisters in these streets have some much hatred towards them. mike brown was your average american teenager…a kid who probably loved sports, video games, girls, a couple smokes here and there,  and just chillaxing with his peoples. the only beings who truly knew what happened that night were him and the officer and god. i say a prayer for michael browns family…i also say a prayer for the family of the cop, on the strength that even “bad” people need prayers…

michael brown was a good kid, from a mad city (kendrick lamar)

it’s gonna take more then protests to stop these senseless killing

peace & lata dayz,

- Mental

My Friend Dominique….

Good Evening,

This is my friend dominique. we met a few years back at a music showcase back in my hometown. the first time i met her, she complimented me on my clothing (i was wearing a baby blue fitted, a tie, and my nerdy glasses) pretty much from there we clicked but that was the first time and last time i’ve actually seen her physically until this year. granted we kept in contact via facebook, i never really knew how serious sickle cell was until i seen that she was in the hospital a lot via her post on fb and instagram. i just wish at the time i did keep in contact with her that i actually got a chance to spend time with her, sharing my music, thoughts, and ideas with her. she is getting surgery tomorrow. needless to say, i know she’ll pull through, but i’m still worried about her health in the long run. i haven’t said a prayer in a long time…i need to say one tonight and more often. though i’ve only know her for a  few years, i have to say she’s really becoming one of my closest friends. i always believe god brings people in your life for a reason. as either a lesson or a blessing. she is definitely a blessing. i just hope she pulls through this and gets out of the hospital soon so i can spend more time with her :) give her a hug and share my songs with her.


new track up lines for the unspoken.

new track up lines for the unspoken.