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My Friend Dominique….

Good Evening,

This is my friend dominique. we met a few years back at a music showcase back in my hometown. the first time i met her, she complimented me on my clothing (i was wearing a baby blue fitted, a tie, and my nerdy glasses) pretty much from there we clicked but that was the first time and last time i’ve actually seen her physically until this year. granted we kept in contact via facebook, i never really knew how serious sickle cell was until i seen that she was in the hospital a lot via her post on fb and instagram. i just wish at the time i did keep in contact with her that i actually got a chance to spend time with her, sharing my music, thoughts, and ideas with her. she is getting surgery tomorrow. needless to say, i know she’ll pull through, but i’m still worried about her health in the long run. i haven’t said a prayer in a long time…i need to say one tonight and more often. though i’ve only know her for a  few years, i have to say she’s really becoming one of my closest friends. i always believe god brings people in your life for a reason. as either a lesson or a blessing. she is definitely a blessing. i just hope she pulls through this and gets out of the hospital soon so i can spend more time with her :) give her a hug and share my songs with her.


new track up lines for the unspoken.

new track up lines for the unspoken.

this is how i feel when i walk into work.


tears - produced by Inspirmentalist

my first track i recorded this year. current situation. basically showing yall how i’m living. enjoy!

Produced by The Inspirmentalist - Beat Charmer Instrumental

another one of my newer instrumentals. Enjoy!

Produced by The Inspirmentalist - Cards Life Dealt

One of my latest instrumentals. Enjoy.

Happy New Year!!!!

Good Morning-Afternoon,

just dropping a post to say happy new year. expect new music from me this year. i wanna drop an ep by valentines day called matters of the heart. but if i don’t make it by valentine’s day. it’ll be out in the spring. i’m also dropping another beat tape called the greatest thing since sliced vinyl so be on the look out for that as well. both will most likely be on my bandcamp page.

peace and lata dayz,

HAPPY 2014!!!